Woltman water meter

Woltman water meter

Removable element woltman cold (hot) water meter.
This type of water meter can be used for a remote reading transmission system is equipped with a built-in sensor.


Measuring the volume of cold (hot) water passing through the pipeline.


  • Removable element structure, easy installation and maintenance, register for universal use within this range detachable without removing the meter from the pipeline.
  • Dry-dial, magnetic drive sensitive action, small pressure loss. Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and Keep the reading clear in a long term service.
  • Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristic.
  • Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.

Working Condition

  • Water temperature: 0.1ºC ~ 50ºC (0.1ºC ~ 90ºC for hot water meter).
  • Water pressure: PN10/16/25.

Maximum Permissible Error

  • In lower zone from qmin inclusive up to but excluding qt is ±5%.
  • In the upper zone from qt inclusive up to and including qs is±2% (±3% for hot water meter).