Bulk ultrasonic water meter

Bulk ultrasonic water meter


No moving parts, high accuracy for year´s long.
It offering none moving components in flow sensor, avoid long term abrasion of mechanical parts which may result to inaccuracy measurement and failure of meter. Such design is also resistant to impurities, therefore no-inspections and maintenance cost-free.


The ultrasonic water meter will have one of the many options output pre-selected when placing the order.


  • Low starting rate (0.033m3h), able to accurate measure
  • Flowrate as low as 0.0625m3/h.
  • Dynamic range (Q3/Q1) achieved 400:1 (better than Class D).
  • No mechanical moving parts, no abrades and has a long gerving lifetime.
  • Pinpoint measuring accuracy.
  • No measurement of air.
  • Mounting in any installation position.
  • Displaying of error and alarm codes.
  • Optional battery provision.
  • Support RS-485(Modbus protocol), Pulse, LoRa/LoRaWAN, e GPRS,
  • NB-loT, concentrated management.
  • Suitable for outdoor installation.